Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hey, i just made this blog, though i have another one on here. It's retarded and i don't want to think about it. It was made by prepubescent stupid Sarah.

Anyway, i am almost 16, i'm a sophomore in high school, and i feel really stupid about making a blog. i'm hoping i can commit to this better then my journal. My birthday is on february 24. I'm hoping to get that mary-kate and ashley book, Influence. 
My dad surprised me by getting me tickets to see Thursday, my favorite band, that's not a big enough word. They're playing in march in Sayerville, where they always play. They usually have a Holiday Show there in december, but didn't this year. lame, but they probably had an excuse. i've been to 2 of their Holiday Shows, before. I'm really excited for that. if i join Thursday's "Dove's Club" i would get to go a meet and greet there, but i doubt i'll be able to put out $50 for it. times are tough, not really. i would so kill to meet them, they're a huge part of my life. we'll see.